“After midnight” is a biography of my life as a working teenager and the challenges that a young women faces by the mindless and heartless men that manages or attend the night scene at a country that still finds taking advantage of young women that are trying to go through their hard life and try to make it in this world,is heroism. And the story will continue to shed the light on my life after the nightmares of the night life slavery and how a person can still make it, conquering all the obstacles that life had made us face. This story is mainly addressed to young women that confrontedand still confrontingthese tragedies and make sure to know that they are not alone there are so many ladies that are or have been in those situations, and make sure that they know that we should address these issues that is happening on daily basis and ruining and discouraging the young ladies, in order to fix the mindset of the men in our culture.